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As the test day approaches, I realize how much I worry about the LSAT. But, worry can turn to resentment. Resentment could turn to dislike which could turn to hatred. Hatred could harm us all.

Even though there are moments I don’t think that LSAT is my friend, everything in the world (even LSAT) needs friends and love. So, I have decided to make peace and make LSAT one of my true friends, a friend that is there to actually help me get into law school.

This group is for those of you who also want to become an LSAT friend. This is a great opportunity to:

– vent your rage
– find a preparation buddy
– find an LSAT tutor
– find LSAT “soul mates”
– meet like minded people
– ask about specific LSAT questions
– review the latest LSAT book or talk about your LSAT course
– get a date!

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